Let’s Get Personal! Romantic Retreats

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Let’s Get Personal! Romantic Retreats

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This month’s theme: Raunchy Romantic Retreats

Where is a great place to get your groove on?  We all need “adult time” to catch up, rediscover each other’s naughty secrets and come home with silly, blushing grins that need no explanation.  Care to share? Here goes mine, and then I’d like to hear yours!

La Jolla, CA – one of my favorite places to play…

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Okay.  Here’s what usually happens:

Scene One

Setting: Husband enters the room with that particular look on his face. A quick scan shows that no children are around.  A wolfish grin curls his yummy man lips.

My husband: I need a few nights in La Jolla.

Me: I’ll call Grandma.

My husband: Make this happen soon.

Me: I’m on it.


Why La Jolla?  Oceanside is on the way to La Jolla.  Grandma and Grandpa live in Oceanside and happen to think my children are awesome.  They love having the kidlets around for a few nights.  As we head toward our holiday romp down south, we make a quick stop in Oceanside and drop off the young ones with quick hugs and kisses before we head back to the car.  At this point, there may be some ass-grabbing followed by my own girlish giggles.

The no kids thing is crucial.  It’s not that we can’t have a good adult time at home, but you know, there are always time constraints and noise factors to figure in to the equation.  And it’s really hard to have a good talk when you know little ears might be listening.  Having no restrictions let’s everyone relax and have a much better time.

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La Jolla is a wonderful little spot on the coast, host to my alma mater UCSD, so it’s been a playground of mine since I was a freshman in college.  There are some great little hotels close to, if not right on, the beach that don’t cost too much.  When you need some fresh air, you can take a walk along the sand, talk, do some snorkeling, sunbathing or swimming, eat delicious food from a diverse choice of restaurants and watch the sun set over the water.  The important thing for us is to make sure we’re still hitting on all cylinders, and we do that by keeping the home fires burning.

Share your thoughts!  What are great getaways that keep the spark alive?


  1. 1-4-2014

    DH and I recently went to Laguna Beach, similar in a lot of ways to La Jolla and not all that far away from each other. LOL. The restaurants are wonderful and it’s a bit of an art enclave. Our big event was to see the Pageant of the Masters, where they recreate famous works of art, like The Last Supper, with people standing perfectly still, all dressed and made up as the figures in the artwork. It’s very cool.

    • 1-4-2014

      Laguna is awesome! I got my SCUBA license after doing my last beach dive from Shaw’s Cove, I think it was called. Very cool place, and totally reminds us of La Jolla.

  2. 1-4-2014

    La Jolla is very nice. I don’t think my kids ever got why their dad and I were grinning like idiots when their grandparents drove them away. We don’t have a specific place we always go but one we’ve enjoyed is Nevada City on the western side of the Sierras. It’s a small town with lots of charm. :)

    • 1-4-2014

      Hey! We were in Laguna Beach for the day (the whole family) yesterday, and we were remarking that it reminded us of La Jolla. Such a great place. It was so warm, it truly was beach weather in January! Crazy CA weather.

      • 1-4-2014

        Haven’t been to Nevada City, but we went to Virginia City, which was really cool. Great sense of history there. It would be great to stay in a historical hotel. (-;

  3. 1-4-2014

    My husband and I just did this for the first time since my son was born. We went a whole ten miles away and spent the night in Downtown LA. It was so nice to be able to focus on one another…plus room service and no dishes made it feel like a luxurious vacation.

    @Diane I have never been to Nevada City but always wanted to go!

    • 1-4-2014

      That is a great idea! I’ve lived in LA County my entire life and have’t considered staying downtown. I bet that is really fun! We might have to try that sometime. (-;

  4. 1-6-2014

    My husband took me to the Westin Bonaventure for my thirty-ninth birthday. That was–ahem–a few years back! Nowadays, we like to go to Prescott and stay at one of the very old hotels around downtown.

    • 1-6-2014

      I would love to stay at an old hotel. We go to Durango, CO every other summer, and there are some very cool historic places. How fun!

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